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About this blog

Milk is for mutants…and I am a mutant. My boyfriend Ed, however, is not. The ability for the human body to process lactose, the sugar contained in milk (and all dairy products), is a result of a relatively recent genetic mutation. Because of this, much of the planet’s population, including Ed, is not able to digest dairy without varying levels of intestinal discomfort. My love for all things creamy and cheesy knows no bounds, but as every cook knows, there’s no fun in preparing a meal that your loved ones can’t enjoy! So when Ed and I started dating, my cooking style had to change drastically. I went from making largely cheese-based meals to scrambling to find ways to modify my tried and true recipes so they could sit right in his stomach, as well as finding new, dairy-free recipes that were just as delicious. Fortunately, many of my friends are vegan, so I’ve been able to pick up their tricks for dairy substitutions. But neither Ed nor I are vegan (we love our steak and bacon too much), so many of their recipes, while delicious, don’t fill our omnivorous needs. Living in America, a culture steeped in dairy, has made this culinary journey an ongoing adventure. There are so many people out there like Ed that I thought, hey, why not start a blog to share what I’ve learned? Thus, the birth of Milk is for Mutants.

A little bit about me

My name is Heather and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area– Oakland, specifically. I’ve been cooking since I was a wee thing, and was raised in a family that loves food and loves to cook. My passion for food is an omnipresent force in my life, and this blog is one more way for me to share that passion with others. Enjoy!

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